9 Tips for Choosing Clothes to Make You Look Taller

9 Tips for Choosing Clothes to Make You Look Taller's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

Fashion can’t make you taller, but it can certainly create an illusion of better body proportions. If you’re on the shorter side, ELLE Man has 9 tips to help you appear more balanced and fantastic in the eyes of others.

Wear Well-Fitting Clothes:
The first thing to prioritize when choosing clothes is the fit. Slim, body-hugging garments will make you look taller. Baggy clothes, on the other hand, can make you appear shorter. You don’t need to go for skinny-fit outfits, but slim, straight, or relaxed-fit styles work wonders.

Monochromatic Fashion:
Dressing in a single color doesn’t mean you always have to go all-black. You can choose similar neutral tones. A pair of dark denim jeans with a navy jacket will achieve a similar effect. Prioritize dark colors and mix them together, such as black, navy, deep gray, burgundy, brown, and forest green.

9 Tips for Choosing Clothes to Make You Look Taller's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

High-Waisted Pants:
Wearing low-rise pants can make your legs look shorter and your torso longer. To counter this effect, opt for high-waisted pants to elongate your legs. You can create contrast by pairing dark high-waisted pants with a lighter-colored top.

Vertical Stripes:
It’s a basic rule that most people know—vertical stripes elongate your body. Pay attention to the size of the stripes; choose thin, not overly thick stripes. This applies to all types of patterns like horizontal stripes, gingham, checks, polka dots, and more. As long as they’re small and thin, they’ll have a lengthening effect.

Tuck in Your Shirt:
Pairing high-waisted pants with a tucked-in shirt is one of the most flattering options for shorter individuals. This combination is comfortable and makes you look taller. Ensure your shirt has an appropriate length and tuck it in to create the desired effect. This also solves the problem of shirts being too long for shorter guys.

9 Tips for Choosing Clothes to Make You Look Taller's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

Accessory Proportions:
If you’re petite, choose smaller accessories like wristwatches. Oversized accessories can make your wrists appear even smaller. If you have a small face, opt for sunglasses with shorter frames and smaller lenses. When it comes to accessories, choose ones that complement your body proportions.

Pant Length:
If your pants are too long, they’ll bunch up around your shoes and make your legs appear shorter. However, when your pants are the right length, either touching the top of your shoes or slightly shorter, they create the illusion of longer legs. Cropped or tapered pants are suitable choices.

Note that this advice doesn’t apply to wide-leg pants.

Boxy-Fit Jackets:
Boxy-fit jackets, whether denim or bomber jackets, are suitable for shorter individuals. Make sure you choose a jacket that fits your body well without being overly baggy.

Wear Boots:
Most boots come with a heel, which can add height without the need for inserts. Workwear boots or sleek Chelsea boots both provide a bit of extra height while keeping your feet comfortable.

Incorporating these fashion tips into your wardrobe can enhance your appearance and make you feel more confident, regardless of your height.

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