DRESSING IN A SUIT LIKE A 90s HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STAR's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

Suit Style in “Twin Peaks” (1990) The fictional town of Twin Peaks is a mix of various fashion styles, but it’s Special Agent Dale Cooper’s suits, portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan, that truly stand out as iconic fashion moments. His sleek and clean-cut vests exude the minimalist vibe of the 1990s, a style championed by designers like Jil Sander. Kyle MacLachlan’s suit aesthetic even earned a spot on Demna Gvasalia’s mood board at Balenciaga in 2018.

DRESSING IN A SUIT LIKE A 90s HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STAR's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

To emulate this look, opt for a well-tailored suit with a slightly boxy cut, in earthy and deep tones. However, consider swapping out the classic black tie for a silk one on casual or festive occasions to avoid a too-uniform look in 2022.

Appealing Suit Style in “GoldenEye” (1995) The debate over the greatest James Bond actor has raged for decades, but regardless of personal preferences, Bond’s style remains iconic. Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, especially in the film “GoldenEye,” brought worldwide fame to the suits tailored by the Italian brand Brioni. The soft and beige suits worn by Brosnan became a symbol of sophistication.

Draw inspiration from Bond’s style by choosing a lightweight suit with lightly padded shoulders, a three-button design, no tie, and an unbuttoned look.

Diverse Fashion in “Romeo + Juliet” (1996) Director Baz Luhrmann reimagined Shakespeare’s masterpiece in a visually stunning world filled with fashion inspiration, from the Hawaiian shirts of the Montague boys to the velvet D&G suits adorned with gun holsters from the Capulet family. However, the most praised style of the film is the green suit worn by Leonardo DiCaprio, a custom design by Prada. Kym Barrett, the film’s costume designer, chose Prada for its “elegant lines.”

Emulate this look by wearing a well-fitted three-button suit, a sharp-pointed collar shirt, and a smooth silk floral-patterned tie. To complete the Romeo look, consider layering a button-down shirt under the coat.

The Beauty of Suits in “Fight Club” (1996) Viewers of the dark psychological tale of rebellion against established order will undoubtedly remember the iconic leather jacket of Tyler Durden, accompanied by pink-tinted sunglasses and a floral-patterned shirt. However, the suits worn by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton also deserve recognition. Whether it’s Norton’s boxy gray suit symbolizing the nine-to-five existence he despises or Pitt’s slouchy pinstripe suit, both exude remarkable appeal.

DRESSING IN A SUIT LIKE A 90s HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STAR's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

Choose a wrinkled pinstripe suit with slightly dropped shoulders or a two-piece with large gray checks, wide but carefully tailored, to capture the essence of this outfit. Rectangular-framed sunglasses, worn by both lead actors, are an accessory worth considering. This look is making a comeback this year.

Wearing a Suit like in “Notting Hill” (1999) “Notting Hill” stands out as a romantic comedy gem, offering an intriguing plot, a stellar cast, and a glimpse into the happy times when central London was still home to ordinary people. While Rhys Ifans’s character Spike made an impression with his quirky fashion choices, including bold slogan tees, crop tops, and diving suits, the audience still remembers Hugh Grant’s William Thacker effortlessly changing his velvet blazer throughout the film.

Opt for a dark olive green blazer in smooth velvet, making it a sophisticated companion for a slightly textured Oxford shirt and comfortable white chinos. With velvet suits making a comeback, now is the perfect time to add a touch of 1990s Hugh Grant to your wardrobe.


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