The Bad God Sweater

The product from The Bad God brand with velvet fabric provides an incredibly soft and comfortable feel when touched, while also enhancing warmth when worn. Additionally, the bright color tone of this sweater helps you stand out during the winter.


If you love youthful-colored fleece products, the affordable brand Kairos may be suitable for you. The material of the product is excellent at sweat absorption, breathable, with a smooth fabric surface. Moreover, its quality is quite good considering the price.

Carefully crafted from material, design, stitching, printing, to packaging and after-sales service, products from the Lavi Studio brand can make you feel at ease when shopping online. The prints on the sweater are neat, sharp, creating highlights for the outfit.

Coolmate Long Sleeve Sweater

In recent years, from men’s underwear products, Coolmate has expanded into producing various other products, providing impressive quality compared to the budget segment. With 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester, this sweater offers coolness while still keeping warm in the chilly winter days.

City Cycle Fleece Sweater

With 50% cotton and 50% Poly, the product from the City Cycle brand provides comfort. Besides, the basic color of this item makes it easy for you to mix and match with other clothing items like jeans, joggers, and more.

ManDo Men’s Fleece Sweater

If you are looking for products with simple, less patterned color tones, then the ManDo men’s fleece sweater will satisfy you. The simplicity in design allows you to comfortably pair it with various outfits, from jeans to daily office trousers.

Somehow Essentials Orange Label Men’s Fleece Sweater

With customers at the center, maintaining the belief that “somehow, everyone’s fashion will be more beautiful every day,” Somehow is suitable for gentlemen who love simple and comfortable fashion styles.

With washed fleece material, sturdy design, and basic colors, this sweater gives a masculine, warm feeling. Furthermore, the product is easy to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe.

Routine Brand Products

Routine’s knitted sweaters with tastefully coordinated colors have made this round-neck, basic long-sleeved design both easy to match and not monotonous. Especially, its ability to keep warm and quick-dry makes it perfect for the cold winter. Additionally, this brand’s sweaters are interesting and worth considering.

ICON DENIM Men’s Fleece Sweater

Opening its first store in 2019, ICON DENIM quickly gained favor with men who love dynamic, basic fashion styles. The brand’s sweater products have a wide, comfortable fit, making them a winter companion for you.

Fila Brand Fleece Sweater

The Fila brand sweater has all the elements to become an excellent product for men. It has a sturdy, spacious design suitable for various activities. Also, the product’s color tone is quite neutral, suitable for you to experiment with various items in your wardrobe.

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