Men’s Fashion Trends on the Rise for Fall-Winter 2023

Men's Fashion Trends on the Rise for Fall-Winter 2023's Product Pictures -

Cadbury Purple Reigns Cadbury purple is the trending color in men’s fashion for Fall/Winter 2023. This rich shade of purple is making appearances at Fendi with simple yet stylish leather pants and at Kiko Kostadinov with a shiny nylon tracksuit that stands out in the fashion house’s collection.

Grungecore Makes a Comeback Ripped jeans, holey round-neck sweaters, and baggy cardigans are all part of the grunge style that’s making a nostalgic return, reminiscent of singer Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, seen in Paris and Milan. Gucci, for instance, had models wear distressed knit sweaters and small knit beanies as fashion accessories. Givenchy layered long plaid shirts, while Egonlab truly embraced the grunge movement with rinse-washed denim jackets featuring unique sleeves, layered over striped dress shirts and brown-tinted jeans.

Men's Fashion Trends on the Rise for Fall-Winter 2023's Product Pictures -

Oversized Collars Oversized collars have taken center stage on the Fall/Winter 2023 fashion runways. Ami showcased oversized pilot jackets with enormous collars, and Dior featured wide faux fur collars on trench coats. Casablanca introduced colorful knit collars, while Loverboy, designed by Charles Jeffrey, brought back ’80s-style oversized collars, paired with signature tartan-striped dress shirts. At Prada, the collar designs even evoked thoughts of sharp arrows.

Essential Beanies A warm knit beanie is an essential accessory for chilly days and has been spotted across various brands like Bode, Armani, Casablanca, Gucci, Fendi, and more.

Long Oversized Coats The power of a great coat is well-known, and in 2023, this item has become even more unique and intriguing. Ami’s oversized coats exude sophistication, while Dolce & Gabbana adds a touch of theatricality to theirs, reminiscent of “Phantom of the Opera.” Saint Laurent’s meticulously crafted long coats evoke images of mafia bosses or antagonists from the movies.

Fresh Suit Silhouettes Beyond classic, formal suits, this season sees the emergence of upgraded, refined designs that prioritize comfort and relaxation in style. Take a look at the suits by Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Bianca Saunders, Hermès, Givenchy, and others.

Men's Fashion Trends on the Rise for Fall-Winter 2023's Product Pictures -

Skirts for Men A revival of the 2000s trend – wearing skirts over pants – is making a return in men’s fashion, but with a modern twist. Check out designs from Martine Rose, Etro, Ludovic Saint Sernin, Marine Serre, and more.

The Revamped Bomber Jacket The bomber jacket isn’t a stranger in men’s fashion, but this year’s Fall/Winter fashion weeks have brought forth new iterations of this classic piece. Prada offers a signature oversized green bomber, while Dolce & Gabbana presents leather bomber jackets with puffed sleeves and cinched waists, and Hed Mayner introduces oversized nylon bomber jackets.

Revving Up with Motorbike Inspiration Motorbike-inspired leather jackets and leather gloves, inspired by racing gear, are making a strong, masculine, and stylish statement on the runways this year.

Elegant Preppy Style In addition to the comeback of baseball jackets, the preppy style is another source of inspiration for designers in the Fall/Winter 2023 collections. You’ll find long-sleeved polo shirts, cardigan sweaters, and traditional turtleneck sweaters showcased by brands like Botter, Amiri, MSGM, and more.


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