PUFFER JACKET: A MUST-HAVE ITEM FOR WINTER's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

The puffer jacket is an indispensable item in your wardrobe during the last months of the year when the weather starts to get cold. Let ELLE Man suggest ways to combine this item with your everyday outfits.

Thin puffer jacket

PUFFER JACKET: A MUST-HAVE ITEM FOR WINTER's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

A thin puffer jacket is a wise investment for office guys. It’s easy to wear in slightly cold weather, and you can layer it if the temperature continues to drop. The thin puffer jacket has also become a popular fashion item for those pursuing a workwear style. Just add a few cargo pants, a white t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers to complete the look.

From The North Face to Arc’teryx, no brand can overlook tech puffer jackets in their collection. It’s ideal for cold weather when you have to go out in winter. With its lightweight and flexible nature, it’s perfect for making outdoor activities enjoyable and warm.

Unique puffer jackets

PUFFER JACKET: A MUST-HAVE ITEM FOR WINTER's Product Pictures - Kaishirts.com

Functionality and fashion often contradict each other, but they can still harmonize if you know how. Puffer jackets with large sizes are sure to make people notice you. To maximize attraction, choose bright and standout colors like red, green, or yellow.

Earthy color coordination

Materials like tech fabric and breathable nylon used in jackets often have a certain shine, resulting in a variety of shades. If you want to enhance this effect, wear clothes with tones that easily complement each other. For example, stone, charcoal, and navy contrast with gray, or deep orange, caramel, and golden brown tones.

Pairing with denim

Puffer jackets go perfectly with denim. Both are comfortable and traditional workwear items. Try layering a puffer jacket over a denim jacket, paired with a turtleneck or a thin knit sweater. A sleek leather accessory like a bag or boots will keep everything sharp.

Over a suit

This is an item you can wear with formal outfits. Cool or neutral tones like camel or classic navy bring a masculine and discreet touch when combined with tailor-made products. Pair it with a lightweight suit jacket, a slim-fit style for a polished look in a professional environment, yet warm enough to face the cold.

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