Top Short-Sleeve Shirt Styles for Summer 

Top Short-Sleeve Shirt Styles for Summer 's Product Pictures -

Short-sleeve shirts are undoubtedly a basic and indispensable item in every man’s wardrobe, especially during the summer. They not only exude a youthful and dynamic appearance but also create a simple and liberating fashion style with a strong summer vibe. Join ELLE Man as we highlight the most excellent short-sleeve shirt styles for summer 2021.

Linen Short-Sleeve Shirts: Applicable to a wide range of outfit designs, from casual to smart-casual, linen fabric is always the top choice for summer fashion due to its characteristic lightness and breathability. Linen is the king of summer fabrics. If you’re new to it, starting with linen short-sleeve shirts is a fantastic suggestion.

Top Short-Sleeve Shirt Styles for Summer 's Product Pictures -

To embrace the summer spirit, the Cuban collar shirt is a classic and suitable choice. Its relaxed design combined with soft and comfortable linen material radiates youthful energy with a touch of the 1950s’ classic style. Men can pair linen shirts with sunglasses, shorts, or straight-fit (or loose-fit) trousers, along with typical summer footwear like suede loafers, minimal sneakers, sandals, or espadrilles.
Statement Shirts: One of the most iconic features of short-sleeve shirts is not their simplicity and subtlety but rather vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and maximalist declarations. These elements are what characterize the energy of summer.

When wearing statement shirts with vibrant colors and patterns as the focal point of your outfit, keep other items more restrained. For instance, pair them with dark or neutral-colored trousers or shorts and opt for simple shoe colors like black, white, brown, or navy.
Striped Short-Sleeve Shirts: Vertical stripes are the most beloved pattern in the short-sleeve shirt category, whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved. This classic pattern not only suits various colors and body types but also makes the wearer appear slimmer. Stripes are a safe choice in fashion.

Top Short-Sleeve Shirt Styles for Summer 's Product Pictures -

While there are numerous ways to style vertical stripes, pay attention to color coordination. Choose neutral colors and ensure that the two stripe colors and the background white maintain harmony with other items in your outfit.
Camp Collar or Cuban Collar Shirts: Camp collar, Cuban collar, open collar—call it what you like. This style is a retro comeback and has gained much attention over the past 4-5 years. By looking at its design, you’ll understand why people love it: it’s casual, comfortable, yet possesses sharp and distinctive elements, both classic and youthful.

With the relaxed and nostalgic style of this shirt, you have various options for pairing. However, if you’re not entirely confident, stick to simple items with well-fitted designs and neutral colors such as navy blue, black, cream, or brown. Remember to base your color choices on the dominant color of the shirt to create a harmonious overall look.
Understated Shirts: In contrast to the vibrant statement shirts mentioned earlier, understated shirts are all about subtle, elegant, and refined beauty. These are essential items in the minimalist wardrobe of mature men, as their versatility and timeless appeal make them suitable for every season, as long as the setting is casual.

Minimalist clothing is usually easy to pair with other items. Here, we provide two specific approaches:

First: Based on the low-key and understated nature of this shirt, build a seamless minimalistic ensemble from head to toe, starting with essential items like linen blazers (for summer), slim-fit and straight-fit jeans and chinos, and smart-casual shoes like loafers or minimalist sneakers.

Second: Use the shirt as a backdrop to showcase creativity with more vibrant colors and impressive silhouettes in other items.

Checkered Short-Sleeve Shirts: Similar to striped shirts, checkered short-sleeve shirts are easy to incorporate into an outfit but are just distinctive enough to avoid being too plain. They add simplicity and standout elements to your summer attire.

When styling checkered shirts, focus on color harmony. Opt for neutral-colored and simple items. Ensure that the checkered pattern and background white match well with other components of your outfit.
Embrace the essence of summer with these short-sleeve shirt styles and outfit pairing suggestions. Whether you prefer vibrant statement shirts or understated classics, these choices offer both comfort and style for the sunny season.


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