The combination of a shirt and a jacket, known as a shacket, is undoubtedly making its way into most current men’s fashion collections. As the weather gets warmer, layering with a lightweight piece becomes increasingly practical. The shacket is perfect for this, preserving the comfort of a shirt but with the various fabrics of a jacket. The inspiration for this can be traced back to a U.S. Navy shirt from the 1930s, providing a warm yet not overly hot feel when layered.

Dress Sneakers
There are dress shoes, and there are sneakers. If you’re required to wear dress shoes for formal occasions and find them uncomfortable after hours of wear, dress sneakers are for you.

Dress sneakers retain the sophistication of dress shoes, without flashy logos and with a modest sole. They combine the elegance of dress shoes with the comfort of sneakers. A pair of dress sneakers will have a flexible sole and a lightweight structure. It draws inspiration from the style of classic low-top sneakers with high-quality materials. A tasteful pair to match custom-made outfits yet comfortable for real movement.

Men’s Fashion: Hybrid Cargo Pants
Designs inspired by specialized pants—long-distance walking pants, mountain climbing pants, construction worker pants, and of course, military-style—are creating an entirely new product.

These pants may feature numerous pockets and can be made from ripstop fabric, cotton-blend nylon, or high-density polyester. They have a long waistband and a slim, light cut—making them suitable for both boots and sneakers. The result is a new type of pants: super practical, durable, easy to wear, and adaptable to various situations.

Men’s Fashion: Worker Jacket
Before the 1960s, when mail carriers, road workers, and even coal miners were not required to wear reflective vests and hard hats, there was a trend of dressing in workwear. Worker jackets and pants were widely used, with the materials often stiff and the shapes bulky.

Recently, jackets without seams, often made from hard-woven or fishbone-patterned fabrics, with large pockets, have been revitalized as a fashionable clothing item and can be paired with various other pieces. A jacket as the outermost layer for the outfit, both sophisticated and simple enough for everyday activities. There are more styles applied, such as adding a hood.

New Material Suits
Suits are being renewed to fit current trends and culture, adapting to the comfort of modern workplaces, the rise of remote work, and the younger generation’s desire to break free from dull office wear.

Modern suits now possess stain-resistant or wrinkle-resistant capabilities, making them machine-washable—a convenience that was challenging to achieve with traditional suits. However, these improvements prioritize convenience over drastic changes in the role and design of the suit.

The change lies in the fabric, which is now super lightweight and breathable, with excellent stretch but still maintaining the silhouette of a suit.

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